Which plant milk should I choose?

When you walk into the plant milk isle you might feel a little overwhelmed because there are so many brands selling so many different options…. but you don’t need to worry! There are several things to consider when choosing your plant milk. You will want to consider taste, (almond milk tastes very different to oat milk for example), the purpose of the milk, the cost, and the environmental impacts of your milk. 

My personal favourite is oat milk as I think it is the creamiest and sweetest out of all the options. My whole family now has oat milk because everyone prefers the taste, even though my siblings aren’t fully vegan…we get through a lot of oat milk, so we often buy oat cartons in bulk! We like all the brands of oat milk and usually just choose whichever is on offer lol.

Taste is going to be the first thing you want to consider. However, if you’ve never had plant milk before, soya milk may be a good place to start as I think it is most similar. I think the best thing to do is over time, just try all the different options until find the one you like the best. Also, if you are using your milk for a pasta sauce for example a nut milk may not be the best for achieving the desired taste (e.g. Lidl almond milk tastes a bit like marzipan so personally I wouldn’t use this for a cheese sauce lol…but it might work fine for a cake).  You’ll also find that the reduced sugar variations taste slightly different but just pick depending on personal preference. 

Some of the brands include Alpro, Oatly, Minor Figures, but you can find supermarket own brands too. These will vary in price but look out for discounts too. (also, you can find plant milks in the fridges and in the long life milk section… they taste the same but sometimes cost different amounts). 

Environmental impact is also important to consider…. you are already reducing your environmental impact by not consuming dairy milk but some plant milks have more land, emissions etc than others so take a look below. 

I love oat milk but I really enjoyed trying different plant milks at first, so I hope you do too! The cow’s and Earth are thanking you! 🐄🌍💗

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