Vegan 'egg' scramble

Tofu scramble is my favouriteeeee, but there are egg substitutes,  you could look into if you want an alternative. My tofu scramble recipe is adapted from one I found on Instagram. Cook some onions in a pan until soft. Then add  crumbled up tofu and let it brown. Then in a jug you need to make a mixture of plant milk, flour, turmeric, and  eggy salt (Kala Namak) and add this to the crumbled tofu. I can’t recommend this enough as a breakfast, lunch or tea tbh!

Vegan croissant

We should all be celebrating that we exist at the same time as vegan croissants!! You can buy packets of frozen plain or chocolate filled Pret A Manger croissants, or La Boulangere croissants which are not frozen. They all taste amazing so definitely try these! 


Loaded overnight oats

Whenever I make overnight oats I always use dairy free yoghurt and milk as it gives aa thicker texture that I just love! My favourite combo is using vegan blueberry yoghurt (lidl or alpro are good) and then in the morning, adding banana, pineapple, stawbs and some vegan pret granola for crunch! 

Thick smoothie bowl

This is perfect for a summer day and there are soooo many topping options, it’s great! I have made so many smoothie bowl combinations which you can find in this blog

Breakfast toasts

A super easy savory brekkie. On one toast you want to add smashed avo & some sliced vegan Richmond sausages with ketchup. On the other toast you want to add hummus, roasted tomatoes, asparagus and pine nuts! 

Fruity pancakes!

I like to use the BBC good food recipe for the pancakes which can be found here. Then just top with your favourite fruit, I used banana, grapes, apple, granola and cashew butter. Be sure to check out my chocoholic’s pancakes a little further down this page too! 

Vegan loaded porridge

I know that porridge is a firm favourite for a lot of vegans…. there are soooo many toppings to choose from so it’ll never get boring! Here we have porridge made with oat milk (find my plant milk blog here), only cooked for a couple of minutes to keep a soft texture, topped with berries, cashew butter and pumpkin and chia seeds! 


Eggs benedict!

This recipe is possibly one I’m most proud of! There is a full explanation of how to make it on my blog post here. 

Avocado bagel

A vegan classic! Most bagels are accidently vegan so are very handy! I have this as a lunch more than as a breakfast but its great as either! Just mash your avocado with a fork while your bagel is cooking and spread evenly. I also like to top with some chilli flakes for a bit of spice, and I also serve with fruit so I am full for longer! 

Simple cereal

A lot of people don’t enjoy breakfast but not me!! I always look forward to a bowl (or three, hehe) of cereal! There are a lot of accidently vegan cereals (you can find a very extensive list of branded cereal here, but you should also remember that many own brand/free from copy cereals are suitable for vegans) but my favourite is Asda’s own Bran Flakes with oat milk, and that is what I have most mornings!

Overnight weetabix/ceral

Similar to the idea of overnight oats, but I actually prefer just making them up in the morning. So what I do is choose the cereal I want (weetabix or malted weeties) and pop them in a bowl with oat milk and mash them up. Then I usually go and do something for 5 mins to let all the milk soak up and it gives a thick consistency. Then I just top with fruit and nut butter! 

Vegan cooked breakfast

In a time where every supermarket has multiple options for plant based sausages, bacon and even black pudding, its a no brainier! Here we have Richmond’s sausages (the best imo) with some hash browns, tofu scramble (see above), bagel, greens and mushrooms, tomatoes and a literal river of beans! Of course you can add/take out whatever you want to!

Mixed fruit salad

Such a lovely way to start the day! Pineapple makes this for me because its so refreshing and sweet. Any fresh fruit you have works and can be paired with some dairy free yoghurt and granola if you want! (all supermarkets have delicious dairy free yogurt options now which is great!). 

Chocolatey pancakes

Make the pancakes using the same recipe as above, but you need to grab yourself a chocolate alpro pot and pop it in the microwave for a few seconds and pour over the top! I crumbled vegan maryland cookies on the top and it was incredible! 

Banana baked oats

Baked oats are another firm breakfast fave for a lot of people and you can find soooo many flavour variations on Instagram. When I made this I used a waffle mixture batter gone wrong because I hate wasting food! It was basically a baked oats recipe so anyway here we are: put the oats in a blender to end up with oat flour. Add half a mashed banana, some cinnamon and plant milk. I put mine in the microwave because I didn’t have time for the oven but that would give a crispier top. Then I just topped with the other half of the banana, rasps, soy yog and some maple syrup! It was prefect to join in with #makecreationsnotwaste !!