Pesto shells

This is the easiest pesto recipe ever and as always, you can change it to fit whatever you’ve got in. I always use spinach, pine nuts, basil, a little nooch and lime juice, and I like to add some avocado if we’ve got one. Just pop it all in the blender until smooth and stir into cooked pasta! I like to top with chilli flakes and Lidl’s vegan Italian style cheese. 

Hummus Mediterranean style tagliatelle

This is really one of my FAVOURITE recipes I’ve created! I roast aubergine, peppers, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and red onion in paprika, cajun, chilli oil and chili flakes. I then add this to cooked pasta along with some Lidl hummus, sweet corn and spinach and it is the BEST combo!!!

Roasted tomato & feta tagliatelle

This has got to be the quickest recipe on here……simply chop your cherry tomatoes in half and put them in a roasting tray with vegan feta (my favourite is Lidl’s) and chilli flakes. Cook for 20 mins and then simply add your cooked pasta to the dish, mix and serve. You could add extras like garlic, herbs and onions but even without it is a fab dish! 

Spinach and ricotta stuffed shells

This is definitely a recipe that looks complicated but in reality is super easy! My blog on how to make it can be found here! 

Spicy vegetable rigatoni

While the pasta is cooking, cook chopped courgette, carrot, onion and mushrooms in a pan with some cajun, harissa and paprika. Once the pasta is cooked stir in the veg, some tinned tomatoes and spinach and serve with vegan cheese (LiId’s vegan Italian Style cheese is pictured).

Spaghetti carbonara

In this dish we have Vivera bacon style pieces which give a lovely Smokey flavour, mushrooms and peas, along with a homemade cheesy sauce and obviously spaghetti. You’ll want to cook your mushrooms, bacon and peas in one pan, while the pasta is cooking in another. In a separate pan you can make your cheese sauce; melt a few spoons of vegan butter and whisk in some plain flour until a thick clump forms. Gradually whisk in  plant milk until a thick sauce forms. Add garlic, nooch and grated vegan cheese. Then once everything is ready, mix it all together! 

Crispy macaroni cheese

Make a sauce using a few spoons of vegan butter and whisk in some plain flour until a thick clump forms. Gradually whisk in plant milk until a thick sauce forms. Now add garlic, nooch and grated vegan cheese, lemon juice and a little chilli powder. Mix the sauce, pasta and spinach and pour into an oven dish. Pop a slice of bread in the blender until it forms fine crumbs and sprinkle on top of the dish. Cook for about 10 mins until crispy. 

Pink pasta

There are no words for how good this is! You need to chop butternut squash and some beetroot (don’t be put off if you don’t like beetroot, it gives the lovely pink color and gives flavour but not overpoweringly). Pop these in the oven to roast and soak some cashews in hot water. You can also make a roux sauce with butter, flour, oat milk and nutritional yeast. Pop all of this in a blender and blend until you have a smooth enough consistency and add to your cooked pasta!

Lemon and leek linguine

This is super easy!  I chopped 3 leeks and cooked it. Added this, a whole lemon juiced, and some of the zest, some of the pasta water, garlic and loads of fresh chives and parsley to the cooked linguine and that’s it!

Spaghetti bolognese

Chop onion, carrots and celery into small chunks and begin to cook in a pan. add in your meat substitute (lentils, crumbled tofu and frozen soy mince all work really well so try them all to find your favourite). Pictured is the Linda McCartney mince which is my favourite because it soaks the flavour really nicely. You’ll then want to add some tinned tomatoes, crumbled meat free stock cube and mixed herbs. Add  extra water as needed and serve with cooked spaghetti, garlic bread and cheese (LiId’s vegan Italian Style cheese is pictured). 

You can buy vegan garlic bread but its really easy to make your own. Mix garlic, parsley and vegan butter and spread this on your chosen bread (baguette/ciabatta work well) and cook in the oven for about 15 mins. 

Tuna bake

To make this I cook the pasta and in another pan make a sauce with finely sliced onions, tinned tomatoes, lots of nooch, paprika, mixed herbs, dried parsley and oat milk & soy yoghurt (because we had no plant cream, but plant cream would work too lol). If you need to you can thicken the sauce with cornflour. Mix this into the cooked pasta and add Good Catch tuna style pieces. Put it all in an oven dish and cook crispy and serve with some more parsley and vgn Italian cheese. 

Blue pasta

You can follow a similar method as for the pink pasta above, but miss out the beetroot and use blue spirulina powder instead!

Fajita style fusilli

The chicken I used was quorn one – I put it in the oven for a bit first to crisp up. To make the sauce i mixed tomato passata with nutritional yeast, grated violife cheese, some sweet chilli sauce and some plant milk and let it thicken up. I added some cooked pepper and onion and sweetcorn to the sauce and stirred this with the crispy fake chicken into the cooked pasta.  Then I just added some more  sweet chilli sauce on top! So quick, it’s perfect for lunchboxes! 

Spicy coconut & tomato

Easily a ten minute recipe! All you need is a can of coconut milk, some garlic and chilli powder/paprika, some mushrooms and tomato passata. cook your pasta in one pan, and in another add the chopped garlic & chilli flakes to some oil. Then add the coconut milk, the tomato passata and the chopped mushrooms. If the sauce needs thickening just add some cornflour mixed with some plant milk. 

Sausage and veg penne

So I cooked some chopped onions, red pepper and broc stems in some garlic and harissa. added chopped tomatoes, red lentils and the rest of the broc. mixed in the cooked pasta & some chopped Linda McCartney Lincolnshire sausages.

Green mac and cheese

To make this I cooked some broccoli, popped it in a blender with silken tofu, nutritional yeast, oat milk, kale, spinach and cashews for the sauce. I mixed it with the pasta and put it into the oven dish. I added some slices of the lidl veggn feta too, and on top of that some seedy bread blended into breadcrumbs. I put it in the oven for the cheese to melt and the breadcrumbs & pasta to crisp!

Filled passta and veg

White Rabbit Co do some really good stuffed pasta (normal fresh pasta has egg in), this is the aubergine one. I made a quick sauce with tinned with tomatoes, lots of spicesss, onion, yellow pepper, peas, sweetcorn and some long stem broc!

Sweet potato & broccoli bake

Chop and cook broccoli and sweet potato while your pasta is cooking. Make a sauce using a few spoons of vegan butter and whisk in some plain flour until a thick clump forms. Gradually whisk in  plant milk until a thick sauce forms (You could add garlic, nooch and grated vegan cheese for a cheesy flavour but it isn’t necessary). Mix the sauce, veg and pasta together in an oven dish, add halved cherry tomatoes (and you could add additional grated vegan cheese on  top) and cook for about half an hour at 180C until the pasta at the top is crispy. 

Pasta, cheese & beans

Don’t knock it until you try it because this really is the simplest vegan meal and takes less than 10 mins to make! All you have to do is boil some pasta and once its cooked stir in some cooked baked beans in tomato sauce and some vegan feta chunks until melted and creamy!