Tofu curry

This is a really simple curry with very few ingredients. First you’ll want to press your tofu (you can do this with a tofu press or just press down on it with a tea towel). Chop it into cubes. Mix soy sauce, cumin, curry powder and chili powder in a bowl and toss the tofu in this. Pop the tofu in a pan until crispy and set aside. Chop onion and cook in a pan  with curry powder and garlic. Blend this with some water and peanut butter until smooth. Add this back to the pan with some coconut milk and lime juice. One the sauce has reduced you can add the tofu and heat through again. Serve with rice, naan and cashews. 

Moroccan tagine

This Moroccan inspired tagine is made of chunky peppers, onions, new potatoes, carrots, spinach, dried red lentils, and tinned tomatoes. Chop all your veggies and cook them for about ten mins. Then add lentils (200g of lentils for approx 5 people), tomatoes and 700ml of stock. Add paprika, cumin and Moroccan paste (found in M&S). Serve with couscous, vegan yoghurt and homemade flatbreads or pittas. 

Mixed bean chilli con carne

I think chilli is one of my favourite meals! This was made with onions, carrots, red pepper, black beans, kidney beans, Lidl meat free mince and tinned tomatoes. I use cajun, chilli powder harissa and paprika for spice. Serve with rice, jacket potato or in wraps. 

Homemade pizza

Homemade pizza hits different! Especially from a pizza oven – blog here. You can easily make a dough for the base, but you can also buy them from the supermarket (just check the label). I use tinned tomatoes mixed with a little oil, garlic and mixed herbs for the sauce but you can also buy from the shops. As vegan cheese goes…I am a little picky but M&S vegan mozzarella is really nice and not sickly at all! Then just top with your fave veggies and/or meat substitutes and pop in the oven until cooked! 

Thai green style curry

This is another lovely curry packed full of vegetable goodness! I use mushrooms, courgette, baby corn, peppers and mangetout, all chop and cooked in a pan. Then pop coconut milk, a little maple syrup, lime juice and a few spoons of thai green curry paste in a blender. Heat this in a separate pan and pour over the veggies and rice once cooked. Top with cashews! 

Spaghetti bolognese

Chop onion, carrots and celery into small chunks and begin to cook in a pan. Add in your meat substitute (lentils, crumbled tofu and frozen soy mince all work really well so try them all to find your favourite). Pictured is the Linda McCartney mince which is my favourite because it soaks the flavour really nicely. You’ll then want to add some tinned tomatoes, crumbled meat free stock cube and mixed herbs. Add extra water as needed and serve with cooked spaghetti, garlic bread and cheese (LiId’s vegan Italian Style cheese is pictured).

Aubergine & butterbean casserole

You could make this casserole in the slow cooker or in the oven. It is chopped aubergine, courgette, red onion, new potatoes, chopped tomatoes. Add about 1litre of stock and paprika and cook until veggies are soft. Add drained cannellini & butter beans and spinach to the mixture and cook for another ten minutes (to cook in the slow cooker put all the ingredients in at the start of the day with the temp set at low). 

Courgette Risotto

Chop some onion and cook it in a bit of garlic. Add the rice & cook it in some veg stock.  Grate some of the courgette into this and add some nutritional yeast, lemon juice and a few mixed herbs. Once the rice is cooked add some plant milk to make it extra creamyyy. Cook some chopped courgette separately and add that to the top, and then add some lidl vegan parmesan, pine nuts, more lemon juice and chilli flakes.

Chunky veg chilli

Another chilli recipe! Chop sweet potato into chunks and pop on a roasting tray and with paprkia, cumin and cajun. Chop your carrots, onion and celery and soften. Add peppers and spices (chilli powder, cajun and paprika). Add tinned tomatoes and drained kidney & black beans. Add the roasted sweet potato and serve with long grain rice, avo and lime. 

Greek style kebab pitta

This is one of our favourite quick summer teas! You need toasted pitta breads, roasted roasted pepper and red onion,  Vivera greek pieces, lettuce, cucumber chunks, lidl vegan feta and to make the Tzatziki I used alpro yog mixed with grated cucumber, lemon juice. Then just assemble and pair with corn on the cob & some lentil crisps! 

Spicy chickpea stuffed sweet potatoes

All you need to do is cook your sweet potatoes so they are soft enough to cut. While they cook you can drain your chickpeas, add tomato purée, loadsss of harissa, oil, and maple syrup and mix. Cut open the potatoes and pop them in a dish, add the chickpeas in and around the potato’s, drizzle a bit more oil, and put back in the oven until crispy. Then just serve with vegan yoghurt and add salt, fresh chilli and parsley!!!

Super green risotto

This is packed with my favourite green veg!  Chop a red and white onion and cook in garlic and herbs. Add the rice and cook with veg stock and oat milk. Then cook the greens (broccoli, kale, green beans, peas) and add them to the rice. Top with toasted macadamia nuts and black pepper. 

Salt and chili pepper nuggets & wedges

To make the wedges slice red potatoes and coat in five spice & corn starch. Cook them on a tray with some vegan nuggets in the oven until crispy. Then cook some sliced onion & pepper in garlic and salt & pepper seasoning. Then add the cooked chips & cooked vegan nuggets and stirred in some more salt & pepper seasoning and lots of soy sauce!

Sushi bowl

To make this you need to cook some tofu chunks in the oven. Add sushi rice, edamame, grated carrot, cucumber, and some Abakus seaweed crisps. To make the sauce add peanut butter, sweet chili, soy sauce and rice vinegar and water. 

Lentil & cauliflower lasagne

The lentil base is made just like a bolognese; cook chopped carrots, onions, celery, mushrooms, lentils, garlic, tomatoes, and oregano and let it simmer until thick. Then i boiled some cauliflower in a pan, then drained it and added black pepper, nutmeg, and oat milk & puréed it up. Then just layer it up with the pasta sheets and grate some Violife cheese on top. 

Creamy tomato risotto

My absolute FAVOURITE risotto recipe is so creamy because it is made with passata and stock and is packed with roasted courgette, cherry tomatoes and peppers. Chop the veg and pop it on a tray with oil and paprika. Chop a red onion and start to soften in a large pan. Add the risotto rice and coat in lots of balsamic vinegar. Alternate between adding passata and vegetable stock until the rice is soft. Stir in your roasted veg and add more balsamic to taste. serve with green beans & vegan cheese.

Kidney bean stew & parsnip crisps

so all you need for the stew is kidney beans, loadsss of kale, mushrooms, tomatoes and stock. just cook this all up with a bit of garlic! Slice your parsnips into thin rounds and pop them in the oven until super crispy!! Then to make the pesto type dressing to go on top you just need lemon juice, oil, chopped walnuts and chopped fresh parsley. This is one of my FAVES! 

Mixed fajita bowl

In this bowl there is cooked long grain rice, tofu, salad and loads of veggies. To make the tofu I press it first (you can do this with a tofu press or just press down on it with a tea towel). Chop it into cubes. Mix soy sauce, cumin, curry powder and chili powder in a bowl and toss the tofu in this. Pop the tofu in a pan until crispy. To make the veggies (I use sweet potato, peppers, red onion, cherry tomatoes and cauliflower) I chop them and pop them on a tray, coat in a little oil and loads of spices eg cajun, paprika, harissa, nooch etc. cook in the oven until crispy and serve.