We got a pizza oven!!!

We bought an Ooni pizza oven at the beginning of summer and we absolutely love it! It smells amazing when the pizzas are cooking and is a great change from summer BBQs (don’t get me wrong though I love BBQs as a vegan 🍔). Obviously, if you don’t have a pizza oven you can use these recipes for homemade pizza in the indoor oven 🙂 

I personally like to use homemade dough for the pizza bases but you can buy in the shops. To make dough for approx 6 pizzas I use: 

  • one packet of yeast 
  • 0.5 tsp sugar 
  • 60ml of oat milk
  • 180ml water 
  • 410g flour 
  • 0.5tsp salt

Add the sugar, yeast and milk first and let it form blooms. Then add the flour etc, but add the water gradually in case you don’t need it all. Kneed on a floured surface. (Don’t be alarmed that I actually use a recipe for these ahah…it’s more important to get quantities right for baking, but it wont matter if you go off by a few grams or so). Cover and let it rest in a sunny spot for a few hours. 

Once your dough has risen you can separate into ball shapes and I find it best to stretch it into shape rather than roll it. I found that it works better if you dry fry the bottom of base in a pan first to stop the base sticking to the pizza oven board/oven tray. To do this just get your pan hot and drop your shaped dough onto it. It should start to bubble a bit and you can use a spatula/flipper to check the underneath. Take it out of the pan and add your toppings to the uncooked side. 

I use tinned tomatoes mixed with a little oil, garlic and mixed herbs for the sauce…it is really delicious but you can also buy from the shops. 

So far we have made mixed veggie pizzas made with M&S vegan mozzarella. I am a little fussy when it comes to vegan cheese as I find some brands a bit sickly but this one was spot on….melted lovely and gave the right texture and it actually tasted better than I expected! I also like to add a little chilli oil to the topping before cooking. 

I also like to have pizzas without cheese sometimes so I just use the homemade sauce and chili oil for that….big holiday vibes from this pizza ☀☀ 

We also made naan pizzas which were delicious! I use the same dough recipe but add some chilli flakes when I make it. I used a curry paste from the supermarket for the base and added chopped peppers, red onion and sweetcorn. Definitely a good choice if you want to mix things up a bit!!

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