Vegan Roast Dinners

Swede-carrot mash & sausage

I love this mash as a change from normal potato! It can be made with any combination of cooked  swede, carrot or even sweet potato, and is fabulous when popped in the oven to make a crispy top.  Served with vegan Richmond sausages and simple veggies, makes for a lovely cooked dinner. 

Nut roast, cabbage & Yorkshire puddings

This was a Linda McCartney nut roast served with homemade Yorkshire puddings and red cabbage, and lots of veggies. The Yorkshire puddings are made by following the BBC Good Food recipe found here, and are delicious and super easy! The red cabbage and apple can be made with apple for more sweetness and texture. 

Soy pie, parsnips & leeks

My favourite meat free pie is the Linda McCartney beef style on, served with roast potatoes and parsnips and broccoli and leeks. Leeks are one of my favourite veggies on a cooked dinner! Simply chop them and cook them in a pan with vegan butter until soft. 

Best roast potatoes

To make these roasts I initially boil the potatoes. Then once soft I take them out of the water and toss them a bit in a colander. This mashes the outside a bit. Pop them onto a baking tray and coat in oil. You could also add some garlic and rosemary. Cook in the oven until golden. 

Maple roasted carrots & stuffing

Maple roasted carrots are a favourite of mine. Just add maple syrup to sliced carrots on a roasting tray, and serve with stuffing and other veg! You can elevate your stuffing by adding extra chopped onions to the mix before popping it in the oven. (The yorkshire pictured here was made using the same recipe as above).

Cottage pie & broccoli

Cottage/Shepard’s pie is cooked dinner classic and is so simple to make! I usually make it with a packet of soy mince, tinned tomatoes, a chopped onion and carrots, crumbled meat free stock and mixed herbs, and cook until soft. Pop this in an oven proof dish and top with buttery mash, and cook in the oven until a little crispy.