How to make vegan eggs benedict!

This has got to be the easiest recipe for vegan eggs benedict out there! It still tastes amazing but is without any super weird ingredients most of us don’t just have in the cupboard!


First you need to peel a carrot and you can marinate them overnight in soy sauce, water, smoked paprika, nori sheets. 

When you’re ready  to make the eggs benedict, you can add this mixture of carrots and marinade to a pan and boil it to make the carrots soft. 

You can then slice some tofu into flat circle shapes and rub some kala namak (eggy salt) onto both sides and pop in the oven on a tray and bake. 


Then to make your yolk you need cornflour, plant milk, nutritional yeast, eggy salt, turmeric and water. Add a little of everything to a jug and mix until you get the thickness you want. 

Then I just put some spinach in a bowl in the microwave for a few seconds to wilt it down. 

I bought …. brand of hollandaise sauce to save time. I’m sure you could make some if you wanted to though!


Then all you need to do is assemble! 

Toast the muffins and butter them. Add spinach, then the carrot salmon. Then the tofu slices and pour on the yolk mixture. Then just spoon on your desired amount of hollandaise sauce. Add chopped chives and enjoy! 

(This is the hollandaise sauce I was lovely!)

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