All the easy Christmas time recipes you could want!

I’ve created some super easy xmas time so these recipes are simple and delicious and will make you feel like Christmas has come early! so there’s recipes for baking, warming winter dishes, and buffet or party bits!

The first we’ve got is Christmas tiffins. They are no bake and only need vegan choc, weetabix (trust me), digestives, vegan white choc buttons and vegan Christmas choc shapes  (mine are from Tesco). I explained how to make them here so just do the exact same, but use the white choc buttons for ‘snow’ and use Christmassy shape choc on top instead of Easter eggs!!

Next is giant sausage rolls!!!! All you need for this is roll out puff pastry (saves sooo much time), vegan sausages, plant milk, paprika, pepper and mixed herbs, and most importantly…caramelised onion chutney!! 

All you need to do is mash up the pack of vegan sausages with the herbs and spices. Spread this out in a thick line onto your pastry and add loads of the chutney on top!

Pull the rest of the pastry over the top and seal. Use a pastry brush to wash with plant milk and you could also add sesame seeds on top, before slicing into giant pieces. 

Then just put it in the oven until cooked! 

Mince pies have to be a firm fave!!!!

Literally all you need is roll out shortcrust pastry and a jar of  mincemeat. Lot’s of brands of both are usually accidentally vegan but double check to be sure! 

use a circle cookie cutter to cut your pastry into circles big enough to cover the size of the muffin tray hole. Then just spoon the mince meat in and cut a star/snowflake pastry shape for on top! Just cook and add icing sugar! 

This is the besttttttt winter stew you could ever wish for! So easy too!!

so all you need for the stew is kidney beans, loadsss of kale, mushrooms, tomatoes and stock. just cook this all up with a bit of garlic!

slice your parsnips into thin rounds and pop them in the oven until super crispy!!

To make the pesto type dressing to go on top you just need lemon juice, oil, chopped walnuts and chopped fresh parsley.

Reindeer cupcakes will be sure to impress everyone!

As always I used Jane’s patisserie sponge cake recipe, but as it was for cupcakes, I cooked them for less time. 

For the decoration you can make chocolate butter cream (), and you can break up some pretzels for the antlers, use doisy and dam smarties for the red nose and for the eyes use vegan choc buttons!!

Here’s the reel of how I decorated them!

Dipping cheese is the best for Christmas parties and buffets!

I love the sheeze one and the nurish camembert one! 

To pair with the sheeze dip i was kidnly gifted I made some giant tomato breadsticks. I used roll out pizza dough (saved so much time) and added passata, tomato puree, paprika and chopped sundried tomatoes. 

Then just twist the dough and put in the oven until crispy! 

I posted another blog here for how to make this vegan eggs benedict! Perfect for a brunch on the days after christmas when no one knows what day it is!!

My take on melted snowman cupcakes!! After making the reindeer cupcakes I still had some cakes and choc left over so I covered some oreos in white chocolate and put them on top of the buttercream. Then I added some Doisy and Dam smarties (as buttons) and then drizzled some melted choc over the top (to show melted arms etc). 

This is a winter tabbouleh that I changed up a bit from a bbc good food recipe here. I didn’t use honey, fennel or barberries but it was so wintery and yum! 

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